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Anja Dob – Studio Management

Portrait Anja Dob As a result of a degree in cultural studies, Anja specializes in not specializing. With her talent for finishing things, she is the good soul of the studio.

She is likely to be well informed about all GeheimRat activities, sometimes better than the people involved themselves.

Donna Bartolo – RevisionUnit

Portrait Donna Bartolo Donna studied art history and philosophy in Florence, Los Angeles and Heidelberg.

She exposes small and large errors of thought and conception with particular humor.

Arnold David – Art market 2k

Portrait Arnold David With impressive ease, Arnold is the tech specialist on the team, continuously analyzing the 21st century art market.

His prediction: "Many modernist investments will collapse like houses of cards in the coming years, and art fairs in their current guise could be perceived as remnant markets."

Zbigniev Dob – CertUnit

Portrait Zbigniev Dob Zbigniev has over twelve years of business development experience in the United States, Europe as well as Asia, was assistant for business development and strategic partnerships and involved in licensing deals totaling $34M.

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